[Fxgear Share] – Ancient Cistern – Free Download

An Ancient Cistern environment which uses advanced tessellated displacement in conjunction with vertex paint, mesh LODs, BSP ‘boxing’, minimalist instanced geometry and textures to achieve a high level of detail with lower performance overhead.

This environment includes many custom materials and techniques that you can dissect and utilize in your own project.

Ancient Cistern Technical Details

Physically-Based Rendering: Yes
Texture Size (please list textures for each resolution): 4096x, 2048x, 1024x, 512x and 32x
Collision: Yes, auto-generated
Vertex Count:
* LODs: Yes, 3
Number of Meshes: 51
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 83
Number of Textures: 112
Engine Compatibility: 4.11
* Intended Platform: Desktop, Console, VR
Platforms Tested: Desktop and VR
Documentation Included: No
Important\Additional Notes: The flames on the torches are actually a video file which is automatically played in a PIE session via blueprint but in order for them to show up while editing you must right click the Movies/Flame01 Media Player file and click Play

The Ancient Cistern is located behind the Floria Waterfall past the throne of Faron. When Link first meets Faron, she is unable to stop the flow of the Waterfall that blocks access to the Dungeon because of wounds Ghirahim gave her in an earlier battle. She asks Link to find a sample of Sacred Water, which can be found in the Skyview Spring behind the Skyview Temple. After Link heals her with this Sacred Water, Faron stops the Waterfall’s flow to allow Link passage into the Dungeon, leaving him to search for Farore’s Flame.
Themes and Navigation

A giant stone statue sits at the center of the Ancient Cistern, surrounded by Water. Navigation through the Dungeon is interwoven with Water-themed puzzles, and Link must contend with areas containing streams, stream pools, Lily Pads, waterwheels, and Water-filled high-pressure pipes to proceed.

Although the Ancient Cistern is a serene, Water-themed Temple with distinctly far-eastern architecture, the Dungeon’s lower level is an ominous abyssal underworld populated with Cursed Bokoblins. This sinister area has murky purple Water which damages and Curses anyone who makes contact with it.

[Fxgear Share] – Ancient Cistern - Free Download

source https://fxgearshop.wordpress.com/2021/09/28/fxgear-share-ancient-cistern-free-download/


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