[Fxgear Share] – Facades – Free Download

Facades – download Unreal Engine asset

Simple, modular building facades and shops with fake interiors. Also has few additional detail meshes and materials. Sample scenes are in both day and night versions. Streetlights and interior lights can be adjusted via Blueprints and material instances. Interior textures can be swapped with any photo you want

Technical Detail

Physically-Based Rendering: Yes

Texture Size : 512-4k

Collision: Yes

Polygon Count: Varied

LODs: Varied

Number of Meshes: 55

Number of Materials and Material Instances:81

Number of Textures: 74

Engine Compatibility: PC & Mac

Intended Platform: PC

Platforms Tested: PC

Documentation Included: No

If you are an architect or an ordinary person who is curious about the building appearance, or even who are seeking to have a building face with your own taste, here you are in a right place because I want to talk about architectural facade and building facade design.

“We don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.”

This sentence is a famous old adage telling you that making a good first impression may be all that you need to do. I can see how it might be confusing at first glance.

“Appearance” as the most impressive item, is more important than you think, and making a good first impression may be an essential thing with regard to attracting people to everything, even a building.

What do you first think of when the talk of building appearance comes up? I think the building facade is the first thing might pop up in your mind. So it should be attractive, but the facade isn’t just an aesthetic element; it’s an essential parameter for building performance. Facades form an integral part of building aesthetic as well as building performance.

The façade as the building face and the principal front of a building, tells us that the structure has something special to offer. it brings the building to life and provides the opportunity to create a character and personality to a building and embodied the building‘s character.

Over the years, engineers have created different types of facades with various materials. And there are many architects that are experts in “Facade design”. Here I want to bring you the top 4 types of building facade that turned into a revolution in the architecture world. So stay tuned.

[Fxgear Share] – Facades - Free Download

source https://fxgearshop.wordpress.com/2021/09/28/fxgear-share-facades-free-download/


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