[Fxgear Share] – All in One Master Material (GameOptimized) v4.26 – Free Download

Download Unreal Engine Asset – AllinOne MasterMaterial (GameOptimized)

A MasterMaterial with more than 100 parameter. All the features have an ON/OFF switch. This means you can get a variety of performance from simple prop material to a complex shader.

There are 9 bonus textures included with the master material.

You can search and find Megascans textures used in demo video in the Bridge if you need them.

Rust: tjzmddvew

Mailbox: uhcjaisfa

Cobblestone: tlimejvew

Wooden carafe: udzjebtfa

Ice: tcbkdcfr

Ivy: tg1ohjh

Snow: ugspafgdy

Cliff: ubhubhyda


1) One main layer and 3 vertex paintable layers. (On/Off switch)

2) Macro Normal option allowing you to blend your tile and unique baked normal for higher detail on your huge props.(On/Off switch)

3) Macro albedo for each layer. (On/Off switch)

4) Scale based tiling for each layer. (On/Off switch)

5) Vertex paintable wetness, Rain ripples, and puddles with many parameters to customize. (On/Off switch)

6) Two height blend feature giving you more control for the desired result.

7) Emissive. (On/Off switch)

8) Roughness controller. (On/Off switch)

9) 2 layers with a top-masking feature for moss, snow sand and etc.(On/Off switch)

10) Normal map intensity controller. (On/Off switch)

11) 2 layers with a fuzzy shading feature for moss looking result or ice.

12) Tintable albedo

13) Triplanar/ World Aligned (NEW)

14) World Aligned Macro Albedo (NEW)

15) Dirt Using Pre-computed AO (NEW)

And many more features that you can combine them and get your desired result for any prop.

Asset version: 4.26

As described in the Datasmith Overview and About the Datasmith Import Process, Datasmith creates a Material Instance in your Project to represent each different type of surface that it detects in your source scene. Each of these Material Instances exposes a pre-set list of properties, which you can modify freely in your Unreal Engine Project.

However, if you want to modify the Master Material that any of your Datasmith Material Instances are based on, always create a duplicate of the original Master Material, save that duplicate in your Project content, make your changes in the duplicate, then set the Material Instance to point to your duplicate Master Material.

The instructions below on this page provide step-by-step instructions for doing so.

[Fxgear Share] – All in One Master Material (GameOptimized) v4.26 - Free Download

source https://fxgearshop.wordpress.com/2021/09/28/fxgear-share-all-in-one-master-material-gameoptimized-v4-26-free-download/


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