[FxGear Share] – POLYGON – Apocalypse Pack v4.25 – Free Download

Download Unreal Engine Asset – POLYGON – Apocalypse Pack: Synty Studios presents our most ambitious pack yet!

An absolutely massive low poly asset pack to build your dream game! No need to scour the store looking for packs that match, this is possibly the biggest most comprehensive asset pack ever released on the store.

OVER 1,800 Detailed models are included with this pack.

Key Features –

Modular sections are easy to piece together in a variety of combinations.

Includes a MASSIVE demo scene – (Character poses indicative only)

  • Characters (x30)
  • Character Attachments (x86)
  • Vehicles (x17)
  • Vehicle Attachments (x88)
  • Complete Buildings, with interiors (x30)
  • Additional Structures (x24)
  • Environment (x240 Pieces
  • Props (x671)
  • Items (x93)
  • Complete Weapons (x86)
  • Modular Weapons (x184 Pieces)
  • Character Attachments (x86)

FX (x12)

Ash, Blood Splat,, Fire, Flame Thrower, Flies, Fog, Gunshot, Nuke, Radioactive, Rain, Smoke, Sparks.

– Heaps of awesome content included (see the layout screenshots for more details)

Humanoid Characters are setup to work with Unreal character systems Animation Re-targeting – Epic’s video guide http://bit.ly/2yWJRF7

(No Animations included in this pack)

Technical Details


  • All Buildings have enterable Interiors!
  • Modular Bunker System!
  • Modular Quarantine Wall!
  • Vehicle Armor Attachments to add to our previous vehicles!
  • Vehicle weapons to attach to your death machines!
  • Modular Gun System – Create thousands of custom guns!

Texture Sizes: (17) 4096×4096, (17) 2048×2048, (2) 1024×1024, (3) 512×512

Scaled to Epic Skeleton: Yes

Collision: Yes, a mixture of custom and per face.

Triangle Count: Average count ~1800 per character, 500 for props

LODs: None

Number of Meshes: 1918 static 212 skeletal

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 30 Materials

Number of Textures: 39 Textures

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows, Mac OS.Supported Target Build Platforms:
 PC, Mac, Android, iOS, Oculus, HTC Vive, Switch, PS4, Xbox.

Asset version: 4.25

[FxGear Share] – POLYGON – Apocalypse Pack v4.25 - Free Download

So now, someone like me who has purchased this ‘subscription’ a mere week ago got screwed because for one reason or another the whole setup has changed and I must now purchase another subscription to download the content? Becuase I can tell you right now that is simply unfair, especially that even the old stuff I cannot download anymore without TEZ files telling me that I am not subscribed to ‘game-asset.info’ when everything was working when I just purchased as I menitoned only a week ago.

source https://fxgearshop.wordpress.com/2021/09/23/fxgear-share-polygon-apocalyps-pack-v425-free-download/


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